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Video Podcasts


A video podcast (sometimes shortened to ‘vidcast’ or ‘vodcast’) is a low-cost on demand video broadcast in RSS 2.0 format to which users can subscribe using a PC, TV, set-top box, media center or mobile multimedia device. A video podcast is a cost effective and efficient vehicle for distributing a message, an advertisement or information to large number of Web users across the world. Often a video podcast production is divided into episodes that are created and added weekly, monthly or whenever required.


• Conference presentations
• E-learning
• Video guides
• Business communications
• Product promotions
• Music video promotions


Londonpodcasting has created video podcasts for many businesses over 4 years and are always innovative, entertaining, informative and engaging. Video podcasts can help businesses and organisations with creating customised, professional, interactive communications that innovate, entertain, inform and engage audiences. Benefits include:

• Generate targeted website traffic from Google, video sharing websites, video search engines and podcast directories
• Direct one-to-one communication channel with customers and partners
• Developing relationships with customers or workforce
• Build loyal user-base by creating and engaging online around niche topics, causes, products or brands
• Easily access a global audience that is not defined by geographic boundaries
• Inexpensive online brand-awareness building vehicle through viral distribution through the social Web
• Unique ability to monitor and measure podcast audiences


London Podcasting’s full-service podcast production service simplifies the process of producing high quality video podcasts. We collaborate with our clients on the strategic planning, assist with the message definition and content outline and take full responsibility for the video and audio production and distribution through the Web. We make podcasting economical, effective, and predictable.


Our team of professional podcasting experts is devoted to assist you with the creation of your video podcast from strategic planning, content organization, storyboarding, video shooting to distribution via a variety of portals and podcast directories.


Extensive, strategic planning is an important step in the creation of a professional video podcast. We typically start with the customers’ mission statement, goals and objectives and a competitive analysis to determine the topic, content, overall tone, taste and attitude of the podcast. Planning is another important step in creating a professional video podcast.


Video and audio recording, editing, mixing, compression and feed creation are the final steps in creating video for a podcast. Advanced Media Productions offers a full range of video podcast production services for business, conferences, events and more. Video footage and audio recordings are delivered by the client or recorded in our professional studio, at live events or in the office depending on what is the most suitable for the clients’ business or event. The final video files are converted into an RSS feed and posted on the Web.