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Audio Podcasts


Working with the top radio channels across the UK and Europe – London Podcasting has the full complement of skills, from technological to journalistic, to put together a highly produced audio package. Recording, editing and formatting with a unique concept of a mobile recording studio London Podcasting will develop and implement an effective podcasting strategy as part of your corporate communications activities. We aim to provide the highest standards in product delivery and audio quality of your media package. Our company offers a wide range of services designed around your company’s needs and requirements. The following outlines the services we provide, creative alternatives can be made for innovative products.


Audio podcasts come in many different shapes and sizes. Training, educational, corporate, sponsorship or simply putting on a show, London Podcasting will record your podcast with professional radio kit. There are a number of options, studio based digital audio recording, getting the sound to perfection in our sound proofed studio, remote recording in our portable studio or on-location digital audio recording at conferences, seminars, meetings and training events etc, recording to a high quality. Wherever the recording takes place there are also a number of different formats the podcast can come in. Reportage, interview, double header, presenter led, roving reporter or a combination London Podcasting will help you find the best way of communicating with your audience..


Once recorded our professional team of dubbing artists and musicians can incorporate voice overs and provide jingles, stings and accompaniments to your podcast package to create a truly unique product. Developing a high quality sound is our aim therefore we will remove any unwanted audio and provide clear and balanced mixes. We will normalise the audio and encode it.


We offer a podcast hosting service which can also provide podcast download stats as well as inclusion into the iTunes music store and other popular Podcast directories on the web ensuring maximum exposure. Make the most of your podcast by letting us submit it to specialist podcast directories, giving you and your company exposure to new markets and customers. This will also create back-links to your website which helps Google rank your website higher.